Mediální studia | Media Studies


  10 Dec 2019

Mediální studia / Media Studies 2/2019 was supported by a subsidy from the Media and Audiovisual Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

download the full issue PDF


Yuliya Moskvina
Their Fight, Our News: A Case Study of Pussy Riot in British and Russian Online Media PDF

Anna Bílá
Music fandom and/vs. subcultures: the cultural studies perspective PDF


Veronica Yarnykh
Brand Journalism Approach in the Integrated Model of Information Influence PDF


Lucie Römer
“We have to teach children about data protection earlier.” 
An Interview with Sonia Livingstone PDF


Marie Bedrošová
The Changing Face of Online Hate PDF

Andrej Skolkay
Poland: Between Hybrid Media System and the Politicized Media System PDF

Darren Ingram
Journalism and Translation in the Era of Convergence PDF

Monika Kratochvílová
A struggle for ideas and national interests from the viewpoint of journalist Rudolf Kopecky PDF


Marie Pospíšilová
Czech and international quantitative data on media monitoring – possible sources and their usability PDF

Andrea Hrůzová Průchová
Visual Studies Inspired by Critical Pedagogy: A „See You Vol. 3“ Conference Report PDF

Dominika Sladká
East and West encounters: The report from IAICS 2019 conference PDF


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