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Mediální studia / Media Studies 2/2018 was supported by a subsidy from the Media and Audiovisual Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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Arko Olesk
Media Coverage of a Strongly Mediatized Research Project: the Case of the Estonian Satellite ESTCube-1 PDF

Srđan Mladenov Jovanović
“Balm for the Soul”: Serbian Political Satire as a Critical Hub for Citizens PDF

Eliška Olšáková
Media Representation of the Return of Wild Horses and Wolves on PDF


Zina Šťovíčková
The Concept of Media Bias: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches PDF

Martin Charvát
Walter Benjamin on Journalism PDF


Darren Ingram
Applied Media Studies PDF

Iveta Jansová
Watching Dallas: Tragic Structure of Feeling and its Pleasures for Audiences PDF

Martin Charvát
About Possible Connections between Media Studies and Literary Studies PDF


Miloš Hroch
Building the scenes: the First Conference on Fanzines in the Czech Republic PDF

Tereza Zavadilová
Comeback of facts and convictions into journalism? The report from St Francis de Sales Days conference PDF


Call for Papers

Peer-reviewed journal Mediální studia / Media Studies invites papers for 1/2020 issue

Deadline: 18th November 2019

Please submit your manuscripts via e-mail address

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