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Mediální studia / Media Studies 2/2018 was supported by a subsidy from the Media and Audiovisual Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.





Ville Manninen:
Audience expectations and trust in online journalism PDF

Alessandro Nani:
"I produce for myself": Public service media, cross-media and producers in today´s media eco-system PDF

Jakub Machek:
Czech-language Dailies and Their Readers at the Turn of the 20th Century PDF

Eva Pětvalská, Marína Urbániková:
Human Rights Madness: Media Representation of Inclusive Education and its Comparison in Blesk, Aha! and MF DNES Daily Newspapers PDF



Jan Křeček:
CEMES 2017: closely watched analysis. Broadcasting as a Whole and Social Relevance - Two Current Problems of Czech Applied Media Research PDF



Theresa Procházková, Marie Zetová:
Semiotics of Estonian E-Threats. An Interview with Mari-Liis Madisson. PDF



Miloš Hroch: The turn to a past written in fanzines PDF
The Subcultures Network (2018). Ripped, torn and cut: Pop, politics and punk fanzines from 1976. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Darren Ingram: Media Logic(s) Revisited PDF
Media Logic(s) Revisited: Modelling the Interplay between Media Institutions, Media Technology and Societal Change. Edited by Thimm, C., Anastasiadis, M., Einspänner-Pflock, J. (2018). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.



Andrea Průchová Hrůzová
Interdisciplinary Visual Culture Research and its Experimental and Traditional Strategies: report from the Conference "See You" 2 PDF

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Peer-reviewed journal Mediální studia / Media Studies invites papers for 2/2019 issue

Deadline: 16th June 2019

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