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Current issue

Octavio Penna Pieranti - Edilon Esaú Reis: Counterattack in Cold War? How Socialist Bloc TV Transmitted to Capitalist Europe HTML PDF

Krzysztof Wasilewski: Media Framing and Intercultural Communication: a Critical Review of Studies on Framing of Migration HTML PDF

Michał Tkaczyk: Mediální konstrukce hrozeb v kontextu politiky sekuritizace a výjimečného stavu HTML PDF

Tereza Ježková: Jak se četly noviny: vývoj čtenářského portrétu v českém výtvarném umění HTML PDF

Monika Hanych: Mediální reprezentace českého vrcholného soudnictví a vliv soudce na medializaci soudních rozhodnutí PDF

Markéta Hrabánková: Způsob prezentace přírodních věd ve vybraných českých médiích v roce 2013 HTML PDF



About the Journal

Mediální studia / Media Studies is a peer-reviewed journal based in disciplines of media and communication studies. Nonetheless, it also is open to contributions from close research fields such as cultural studies, sociology, social and cultural anthropology, gender studies, or linguistics. We publish original research papers investigating media texts, or mechanisms of their production or ways of their reception.

We especially welcome papers focused upon media in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe which do not separate the region from its wider social or political ties. We endeavour to emphasise the dynamics of local-global knowledge on media and its mutual connections. Also for these reasons, we prefer texts written in English. In exceptional cases, however, we publish also manuscripts in Czech or Slovak.


Call for Papers

Peer-reviewed journal Mediální studia invites texts for issue 2/2018.

Please submit your article drafts by 16th July 2018 on e-mail, the full texts are expected by 13th August on the same address.

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